Friday Feelz

  • Combative…..or at least that’s how my immune system feels right now. There is a crud going around the office, and it has caught three of us so far. I would still be at home today if it weren’t for the fact I have an interview with a possible boss replacement today. Had he not flown in for it, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. But this is sort of a one-time shot. So I am at work, drinking hot beverages, and staying away from people.
  • Way too excited……about the fact we finally got our dishwasher replaced. It has been broken for a couple of years now. We tried to get it fixed. The first time, it worked but broke again about six months later. And there are two people in our area that can fix that brand. Really, there is one guy who knows how – and the other guy is about 50% in his success rate. After spending too much money with them both, we said "screw it" – we were just going to replace the stupid thing. Replacing it took a few years. With DJ at school and the other kids in the house active, it will be nice to load up the dishwasher and have clean dishes instead of fighting with the kids to do the dishes. Yeah, I’m way too excited by this one.
  • Conflicted…..Wednesday, I interviewed the second of three candidates for the CIO position. The first guy was a dud. He did not really seem too committed to getting the job. He seemed like he was doing everything half-assed. This guy was definitely different. He has a great story to tell in terms of what he did for a similar company – and I know it is getting people giddy. Fuck, it sounds exciting. My conflict comes into play in one area: people management. While at the company where all of his experience comes from, he started out as the third person in IT, then built how own team from the ground up. Additionally, as she was growing, so was the company. They went through a huge amount of growth during that time. By contrast, our company has a well established (and tenured) IT team. Instead of cleaning up the mess that just happened – he will be cleaning up the mess this team has created. He has, by his own admission, never inherited a team of people. He has always hired everyone on his team. Given a bulk of this will be a challenge in terms of getting the team switched around, I am concerned. Technology is easy (his own words), the people are going to be the hard part. Does he have the people skills to navigate. That is where and why I feel conflicted.
  • Ready……for the weekend. It has been a crazy week (again…..some more….) I am ready for some downtime.

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