Friday Feelz

I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry about this week.  I don’t know if there is something in the air or what, but damn.

Let me give you a run-down:

  1. After being encouraged to apply for the CIO position at work, I am not experienced enough. I’m good enough to back fill the interim guy. I’m good enough to be the bad guy in a meeting. I’m good enough to make sure shit gets done. But lead? You know, we want someone more experienced…….as told to me by a guy at least 10 years my junior and who does not have my resume.  Fuck him and the pat on my head. 
  2. The foster kid got suspended. And in the midst of it all, I found my own kid surrendering to peer pressure and choosing that over compassion. Hey, nothing like failing twice – once with the foster kid and then with my own kid.  Stellar parenting week for me.
  3. …….yeah, screw more than two …..those are enough…..

I’ll skip the sexist language I have had to endure.

I’ll skip the other bullshit.

The week has felt like a month.

Today can fuck off – as can tomorrow.

The answer is, I cry…….

What do you think?

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