Motivational Monday

Continuing last week’s Motivational Monday that’s a little different, I am going to recommend the following:

iAmMoshow is a rapper. Okay, he is a college graduate with a computer science degree who fell in love with a girl who had a cat – and he discovered that he loves cats too.  Fast forward to today – and he is The Cat Rapper.  He raps about his cats – with his cats – and performs on social media and various cat-related events.

Why do I like him? Well, he is genuine.  He is vulnerable. He doesn’t feel like a con, but someone who truly loves his cats, raps about his cats, and decided to share.  Plus, he is doing what he loves – he and his wife and their four cat.  And daily – DAILY he tells the world how much he loves them – thanks them for the love they send back.  And keeps on doing what he does which is brag on his cats.  So if you need a smile – need more than just the generic cat videos – go find him.


Tanya Markul does things under the moniker Thug Unicorn.  She is from Denmark, if memory serves.  Her quotes are meditative – they are spiritual – they are healing.  Just today, a friend saw one of her quotations and reposted it to the world having connected: 

Go check her out – follow her – and see her words of wisdom. They will speak to you.

A great way to end this post, I think.


What do you think?

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