Friday Feelz

  • Mournful – Burt is gone. Maybe it was because of when I was born or maybe it was the fact my parents exposed us to his movies, but Burt Reynolds is always someone associated with my childhood. Cannonball Run – Smokey and The Bandit – Hooper – these are the three movies that come to mind immediately. Sadly, yesterday he passed. I know it is a sign of age when the icons you grew up with start passing through the veil.
  • Motivated – But, with Burt’s passing, I am motivated to continue my photo project that I started earlier this year. During the art show last night, everyone who had participated told me they posted their Burt photos in his honor. Every one of them commented how happy they were that they got to channel their inner Burt. After I got home last night, I found that those I had not heard from had done that too – posted their Burt photos in honor of his passing. I need to continue to do the project – I need to keep shooting those photos. I never felt done but life forced me to set it aside. No more.
  • Challenged – I do have to solve one issue though – the studio I had rented to do those photos has closed and is moving. No idea when they will reopen or where – and most importantly, will they have the same background that I used in the shots.I have found a couple of alternative studios I could use, but now I have to construct something so that the Burt background is not lost. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.
  • Encouraged – But, I am encouraged by the feedback I have gotten already from people who want to be a part of this next round. One of the huge supporters of the project wants to share to get the word out. I really REALLY want to get all types of people into this project. I want it to be incredibly diverse. I think I will do just that.
  • Anxious – though anxious isn’t quite the right word. I put in for the leadership position at the company. I heard officially there are 109 other resumes they have received. We shall see what happens – but "hurry up and wait" is not my strong suit.

Happy Friday!

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