Friday Feelz

  • Sad – Monday, I felt incredibly sad. My oldest is gone away to college, and I miss her face.  Actually I miss hearing about her day – and her perspective about things – and her ….yeah, her.  I wrote about it Monday and Sunday too, so I won’t cover it again.  Just can’t look back at my week and not include that feeling.  While it is getting easier, it is more under the surface than I realized.  As my cohort told me, it will get better – and in 3 months, she’ll be annoyed with shit.  Then in 3 years, she will never want to leave.  (He has moved his family around the globe over the years, and this is the trend that continued to college.)
  • Excited – Next week, they will be filming a Disney movie in our neighborhood – just like five houses down from us.  And G’s car is going to be in it. I signed the paperwork today.  I do appreciate all that I’m learning about this process.  Nice people – good communication.  It should be interesting to see how it goes overall.
  • Annoyed – Thursday, I donated money to a cohort in need.  He is a warehouse guy – supporting his wife and four kids – and was in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work last week.  Did I know the guy well? Nah. All I know is that he works hard, doesn’t make nearly what he probably should (our company underpays), and is worried about his family making ends meet as he recovers.  I tossed $50 his way.  Someone on my team asked how I knew him – I made up something given the judgement in his voice.  Then he spent the rest of the morning questioning my intentions.  I pretty much ignored him because, well, I didn’t donate than blow a horn expecting attention. Nope, I did just the opposite. Yet this guy sees it as a game? Yeah, he showed his ass, if you will, with his comments because, yes, it is a game that I want someone with a long history at the company to feel supported by those who can help.  What a dumbass.
  • It’s been a long week – and honestly, I’ve had few emotions in a good place.  So I will leave you with this –

What do you think?

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