Not Dead Yet!


Maybe it is the absurdity of the week as we recover from the news of our boss being fired, but today, as I was realizing that either A) we had no system changes this week or B) people were hoping I would abandon the process, Monty Python popped into my head. Specifically, this one:


I felt like I was going to need to make them all aware that I was still expecting them to submit changes because, well, I’m not dead yet (or laid off or fired), so bring your stuff to the meeting. In the end, my questionable sense of humor got the better of me and I modified the above photo to suit my needs and sent a message to the team pointing this out.

Several people told me my humor was greatly appreciated. One guy was instructed to turn in his geek card after he said he didn’t get it.

As I told SB this morning, I feel fine and am not going to allow this shit to ruin my day.

Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!

What do you think?

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