Friday Feelz


Last night, the words relieved, happy, excited, and appreciative come to mind. I was excited to see all of the people at the show. The artist did an amazing job promoting it as the place filled up with her family and friends. I was relieved at that too. The last show was a dud with only a handful of people showing up late in the night thanks to the lure of free club entry after the show ended. I was also relieved that no art was found on the floor when I got there. And the damage to the wall and the floor was determined to be nil. I was happy to see SB and other friends who attended. I had some great conversations – great hugs – and great energy. And for all of that, I am appreciative.

The post-4th of July workplace has been relaxing despite the fact that we have had some issues to resolve (pretty big issues at that!). The small crew I have is working together (which is somewhat shocking), and they are helping each other out as they tackle these big issues. With all of the drama of the last couple of weeks, it is nice to be in a space where exhaling is possible. When people asked why I didn’t take these days off, I mumbled something about having too much to do. Truthfully, I was hoping for some nice relaxing days to get shit done. Success!

I am starting to feel a bit incompetent when it comes to dealing with PC issues, and not because I am Mac user at home. So many of the companies I have been with to-date are lagging behind on their windows technology that I am just out of practice in terms of finding things. Getting a new laptop at work brought this feeling to a head as I was transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Thankfully my old commands that I’m used to are still there, just getting to where I can run them is a challenge as they seem to have hidden the good stuff. Add into the mix the change in docking stations which created another layer of nightmare, and I am starting to wonder if my skills are slipping. What made me feel better yesterday afternoon is having a help desk guy tell me they all went through the same thing – and continue to fight the same thing. Ok, so maybe I’m not incompetent – just have less access to the cable and tools that they have.

Searching for motivation? Is that a feeling? Maybe feeling uninspired is the better way to say it. But uninspired isn’t right either. I cannot recall the last time I have shot photos. I have a project I want to continue – one that people want me to continue too. Yet, nada from me. Maybe it is like anything, I just need to get back into it. (Two months – two months ago is the last time I’ve seriously shot photos.) I am hoping that Saturday’s party helps me find the mojo again. That some forced time practicing what I love will help me re-engage with the project and all. Because I do want to continue it. I want to do more too. Just need the inspiration and motivation.

What do you think?

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