Bullshit and Someone’s Belief I Cared


Ironically, this is the comic I was sending to my dad while talking to my mom as I sat on my front porch enjoying the nice evening.  Yeah, that was a bad sentence.  It was ironic because while doing all of this, a man walked by the house, stopped, came back, then aggressively told me that the sign in my yard was offensive.

What are you talking about, I asked him.  I mean, I have one sign in the  yard, but the way he was acting, I wondered if something was in my yard that I didn’t know about.

He pointed to a sign for a teenage girl organization, and said, “I have been walking by this yard for years, and this sign offends me each time. I cannot ignore it anymore.”

My mom is asking what is going on because he can hear him yelling at me – and my response back – and being a mom, she is worried something bad is happening.  I gave her some answered, but focused on this guy.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

He went on to explain that it is offensive because the organization teaches girls to be submissive to men and makes them candidate for white slavery.   This is when I’m like, “truly, what the FUCK are you talking about??”

The guy started being even more aggressive.  He told me he has gotten angry each time he went by the house.  He admitted that he has wanted to steal the sign to destroy it.  He was extremely offended he has had to walk by this sign for YEARS.

Years? The sign has only been there for maybe a single year.  I told him that.

He got angry and demanded that I admit I was wrong.

Nope, not going to admit something I am not.

“This group fucked up my sister – you have no idea!!!”

I told him that his experience was interesting but it has been far from my experience.  Even G is involved, so it is not unknown or without broad experience

This got him even angrier.  He told me I was wrong.  He called me names and continued his rants.

“You have no fucking idea!  I am right because of my personal experience and I have a degree in anthropology and theology so YOU are wrong!”

This is when I really lost it…..lost it with a random guy while my mom is still on the phone with me.

“Fuck you. Your education does not qualify you in being right because you had an experience that I doubt has any fucking thing to do with this organization.  So fuck you and the entitlement you apparently feel to my time.”

He turned around and walked back telling me I was the the problem and a bad mom.

“Oh, I’m the problem? You are the asshole who decided to come confront me as I sat on my porch as I am talking to my mother because you think you have a right to make me listen to you fucked up opinion.  I did nothing to you.  You did everything to me – so fuck you.  And if you truly think I’m a bad mom,”  at this point I’m walking down the steps towards him, “If I’m a bad mom, then call fucking child services.  I have the number? Let me give it to you so you can call now.”

When I started saying that last part while walking towards him, he scurried away from me.

“No seriously – I have the number right here.  You should make your voice heard.”

Then I watched where he was going as I wanted to find out how close to me he lives.

The whole fucking thing was fucked up.  And as I thought about all he said, it even got worse for me.  Everything he said was screwed up.  Even DJ said after that his anthropology background should have taught him to separate his own experience from the experience he studied.  My mom was appalled that I went through it – she was in shock what was she hearing.  And not what I was saying.  I think she was cheering me on.

Honestly, my only regret is that I did not follow him home.  Why?

The sign offending him? It needs to know what yard to go live in next.  As was pointed out to me by my mom, my daughter, and later G………I’m evil when I’m angry.

Honestly, I feel the whole thing is a natural consequence to an idiot who thinks he is entitled to my time to hear his outrage on something that is not free speech.  To borrow from the comic, I will continue to show him to the fucking door.

What do you think?

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