Through the Veil


Yesterday, a great man died. He was our neighbor.  He was a single dad who was so fucking committed to his son.  I’m not sure his son realized it, but he did so much to make sure things were good for him.  This guy was also an incredible musician.  He played with everyone – and that is not hyperbole.  He played music, and he taught kids.  Teaching was his love.  He taught them music and tennis – yes, he was quite the tennis player.  My youngest commented today how sad it will be to not see him or his son anymore.  Both have been a fixture for most of the kids’ lives.  Hell, until it got awkward between him and the girls (puberty made it weird as he had a crush on my oldest) – he was over at our house all of the time.

The only thing that gives me peace is knowing that where ever he is – he is with other musicians who have passed playing some fucking incredible music.

Today, I found out some I’ve known since we were five has also passed.  Unexpectedly, she left behind her husband, two girls, her dad and her sister.  Even before I saw the news, seeing her photo made me know.  I hoped I was wrong, but soon found I was not.

My friend from childhood pinged me on text and asked if I knew what was happening.   I speculated hoping I was wrong.  Sadly, I was not wrong.  Like my neighbor, it was unexpected.

That is three people in three days.  Can we be done now?

What do you think?

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