Motivational Monday

This poem is Memorial Day for me.  Each Memorial Day, we would have a short parade, then a dedication of the flags – aka those vets who died and whose families donated their flags to the Avenue of Flags would have them christened as such.

Poppies – I have several in my car because if I encounter a VFW vet selling them for a fundraiser, I buy one.  They remind me of my grandparents – my grandpa especially who served in WWII and Korea.  Having a red poppy in my car seems right.

Today, remember -today honor – those have have died under the US flag for freedom for democracy for whatever they were told to do.  That’s how it works.  They don’t choose their battles – they fight others.

Your motivation today? Read the constitution – get what it means – and honor what it stands for – freedom – even if you don’t agree with it or get it.

Because people served and they died for someone to have a voice.  Hear it today…

Because by hearing it, you honor it….

What do you think?

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