The Power of Words

“You know, it just hit me that we made this happen – we manifested this situations many years ago, you know that right?”

G paused as he was sipping his beer, then recalled simply that he had almost forgotten about that.

We had just spent the day getting ready for our 3-hr visit from child services.  Seven days ago, we agreed to take in our 18 yr old’s friend who had left his home due to a safety issue.  Thursday at 11am, I received a call asking if we were serious about taking him long-term.  “Of course,” I answered, “he’s a good kid!”  I was then told that they would have to certify us to be foster parents quickly – VERY quickly.

My gut feeling after that call is that I should go home and take care of shit.  I talked to my team and decided I needed to be home to get shit done.  We had him set up temporarily in the house, and I knew we needed to make some changes in order to make this work.  Everyone was supportive.  G even took the day off too so we could get shit done.  We didn’t know what “quick” meant, but we wanted to be prepared.

Quick meant we would be meeting with people Friday to get certified.

Good thing I listened to my gut.

We passed after all of our work – work we literally completed as the woman walked through the door.  After several hours of interviews with us and our kids.  We were toasting the day – toasting the success – toasting our new kid.

It really hit me that this was meant to happen – this was what we had spoken about happening many years ago.  I had watched a show about foster kids.  Kids that were transitioned into adulthood and set loose in the world.  I had just graduated from college and was bothered at this idea that these kids are set into the world without a family to claim them.  They had no place to go for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  They had no parents to call for advice.  Nothing.  I had commented to G that I almost want to foster kids that age so that when they became adults, they had a place to go because, well, it is not in my family to value blood in our family above connection.  I was pretty sure anyone coming into our house would be “adopted” in that way too.  It is who G and I are.  We collect strays as a friend once commented.

G had agreed with me commenting that the perfect time would be when our kids hit a certain age (kids we didn’t have at the time) – and we were in a particular place in our careers.  We would definitely do it.

That was over 20+ years ago.

And what are we doing now?

Exactly what we said.

We spoke the words into the universe and (at the right time) the universe put it into our hands to make it happen.

What a weird journey we are on – on SO many levels.

What do you think?

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