Motivational Monday

I am a rationalizer – a forcer – a believer that if I think about it more, if I obsess about it more – that it will work out. Yeah, no – that never happens. It works out best when I breathe and feed the idea that it will work out.

I think I need to post this in a place where I see this every single day to remind myself of the reality – which is today is all that counts.
Many years ago, I did a meditation where I had this realization – that I need to be the person that I needed when I was a kid. In doing this, I not only found it helped me but kept me in a good place with those around me. We cannot change our past. And we can let the past change us. The question is – is it for the good or better? And what if, you can use your past to not only help others but you?

What do you think?