Friday Feelz

  • WEEEEEEEE!! – Is that a feeling? Close enough. This is the kind of reaction you have on a roller coaster or the like. The thrills – the chills – the excitement – the fear. That has been a good chunk of the week. While I cannot talk about it in its entirety, it has been a situation involving one of my kids friends, parents, and official people. It started out with us having to put our foot down and has ultimately resulted in us having an extra kid for a while. Life is funny sometimes – the twists and turn. Always reminds me of this scene in the moving Parenthood — some people love it – some people hate it. I guess I would say that I’m not hating it. Though given how my life is? I’d better not hate it! 🙂
  • Gratitude – With all that has been happening this week, I have been grateful to be working with the people I work with. When I shared the story, I got advice, commiseration, and support. Yesterday, when I got news of the next big twist and turn which resulted in me having to leave work at 1 pm, everyone was like, "GO! We have you covered – we are with you that this is what you should be doing." EVERYONE. From my peers, to my team, to my boss – there wasn’t one person not supporting or failing to understand things. I said to someone the other day that I keep going back to things from my first company because this place is so similar. We always called our team meetings, "happy family meetings". The moniker started out as a joke as in "we are a big, happy, dysfunctional family" – but really it was less dysfunction and more just big family. We had each other’s backs – personally and professionally – assuming, of course, the people on our team "got it". And when they didn’t "get it", they didn’t last long. I feel like I’ve come back to a place that is like home – just a different version of it. So I guess I am also feeling that too.
  • Cautiously Optimistic – Is it weird to describe my feelings for a book this way? A series that I have loved – all 10 books of them – just came out with a new thread in the world the series created. Sure it has many of the same characters and all, but just told from the perspective of a different character as it is her story. I am excited it is out so I can read it – but I’m also worried that this shift – this thread of the story – will ruin my love for it. Years ago, there was another series that I loved until it hit a story that should have been the end but just marked a shift in the story. That shift made me lose interest in it all as the spirit of it was lost. I just don’t want that to happen again. Author is Karen Marie Moning – they have her in the genre of romance novels, but I would claim it is more fantasy and paranormal – or at least, the Fever series is. She created a deeply complex series of stories (even starting in her romances) that has left me always curious to see where it will go. And it has its roots in Celtic mythology too. Anyway, I’m cautiously going into the reading of this book. Fingers crossed it makes me happy instead of disappointed.
  • Show I Have Binged – Everything Sucks – a Netflix Original. It is about a group of high school kids living in Boring, Oregon set in the 1990s. The last two nights, my oldest and I have watched all 10 episodes – and, to be fair, they are each only 23 min long. They are pretty good stories. I hope they continue on with the series.

Happy Friday!

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