Friday Feelz

  • Sick of the Sick – I’ve had 2 guys on me team get hit with the crud going around. Another guy’s wife was just diagnosed with influenza. Another guy’s mother was diagnosed with influenza and an upper respiratory infection. And this is just the guys in the room with me. Today on our daily call with vendor, the update was, "We have no update because the team we need to work with has been entirely wiped out by the flu." I know it is stating the obvious by saying I’m sick of the sick going around but damn! Just when you think it has passed, it come back around. Excuse me as I take the maximum allotment of Wellness Formula.
  • Anxious – Any day now, the oldest should get the letter about admissions into what has become her college of choice. I both want her to get in but don’t want her to leave. I know she’ll be fine, but the realization I may miss these great conversations I have with her is something that makes me sad. But I’m excited about what she is excited about doing and seeing and all. So, that makes me anxious for her because I want her to go where she wants to go.
  • Loved – There is a quotation that I’ve read that goes something like, "When you are feeling your most unlovable, it is when you need love the most" – or something like that. I started the week off feeling like a prickly hedgehog where I was sort of rolled into a ball with my quills protecting me from those annoying me. Yet, despite that all, I felt the most loved. Funny how the right people can have that effect. The love – the compassion – the time. I am truly blessed.

Things I am into right now:

  • When my insomnia is going crazy, I started listening to the Harry Potter audio books to distract my brain. It has actually been a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it works. On the other, I sometimes run into parts of it that makes my brain go, "Ooo! I like this part!" – and I end up staying awake a bit longer.
  • I have been listening to a lot of Prince lately. Not sure if it is because it reminds me of high school – and with the oldest about the graduate, I’m drawn to it, or what. Regardless, it has been go-to albums lately.
  • Because of the lack of audio input on my phone, I got myself a second set of Bluetooth headphones for when I forget the ones I have at home. I bought these. They fit my ears which is a big deal because apparently my ears are small. And I like how they clip with a magnet around the neck if you take them off (so they don’t fall off). The downside? I forget I’m wearing them and wonder how much of an idiot I look like. Regardless, they are working well especially for the price.

Tonight, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of this movie:

So happy Friday!

What do you think?

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