Wrong Side of A Monday


I think this is the sign I should post on my cubicle today – or wear as a warning to all in my sphere. Even after my coffee, it became clear this morning that today was not a day to interact with people.

First sign was in the drive thru getting my coffee. The guy in front of me – driving a little econobox – would not pull forward. He gave himself enough space as though he was driving a big SUV. So the person is trying to take my order, I’m yelling out my window because I am not close to the speaker, and meanwhile the guy is just sitting there playing on his phone. At one point, a car could have fit between him and the guy in front of him. My annoyance was due to lack of coffee – or that was my hope.


I went through my email and noticed a message from a vendor who has helped us tremendously this past week. This weekend, in fact, they offered to be on-call for us in case something went wrong and we needed their help. The message was to ask if all was OK because they heard nothing this past weekend. Add into the mix that several other people asked how the weekend went as well, and my annoyance with the fact a shitload of people did work to make this weekend go smoothly for the guys in the remote office and none of us heard one way or another about how it went. My annoyance was growing – and coffee wasn’t helping.

When my developer asked in an extra loud voice if I was going to actually attend the meeting I was late to, I was aware enough to refrain from telling her to back the fuck off.

A junior person on our management team came to me later to ask for advice. I brought up the request he had received, read it, then told him not to do it. "That’s fucked up, we are not a spying organization, and if they don’t trust the guy to the point they want to spy on him with our help, then they should fire him." That was my responses. After he asked how he could frame my response better to the user, I realized I should do a gut check on this with my cohort who manages the other team. My gut was right, but he had a better way to frame the response.

Yeah, I’m not safe for human interaction today.

I have a rare afternoon where I could have meetings with people I’ve been meaning to schedule things with — but decided that nope…..

….I’ll just be staying

What do you think?

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