Intentions Tested

Resolutions have never resonated with me.  Maybe it’s because I’m too cynical about them.  Each year, you always see people jump right in on their “new year, new me” sort of movement, only to fall off by the time February comes around.

I probably did resolutions when I was a kid.  People would always ask what they were going to be – and I know teachers usually did something about it during that time of the year.  But as an adult, I don’t recall really ever having them.

This year, I decided to set intentions.  What is the path I want to be on?  Setting that path for my day in order to manifest the results I want.  Intentions are that path – that guidance that would hold more power than fixating on a destination.

My intentions are:

  • Do healthy things — exercise, eat well, sleep more, drink less, take care of my body
  • Find the joy — smile more, laugh more, find the good things in the day because the bad things are easy to find
  • Ask me what I need — taking care of others is something I’m good at, but I need to ask me what I need too and give it to myself
  • Do Stuff (and not work or parent stuff) — take more photos, go more places, go to a movie, go to parties – have adventures

The last few days, I’ve been putting my intentions to work as I have been sick.

What do I need? Sleep. Rest.

Could I push it and go to work? Yes.

But is that the healthy thing to do?  No.

Is that taking care of myself by pushing it and going to work? No.

So I’ve forced myself to stay at home and rest.

Those who know me know how hard it is for me to take care of me, but it is important that I do.

What do you think?

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