Didn’t Knock Hard Enough, I Guess.

“Next, Emmy is going to get it since she is pretty much the other one who hasn’t been sick with this crap,” commented my cohort one day.

“Oh, I won’t get it – knock on wood,” and I did knock on wood.

Apparently, not hard enough or the chosen surface did not contain enough wood in it.

Yesterday, I went to work thinking I was feeling fuzzy in the brain because of my lack of sleep over the course of the weekend.  Friday night, I got 12 hours, but Saturday night was maybe a 5 hour night of sleep as I didn’t get back from the party and to bed until about 3:30 am – and I was up by 8am Sunday morning.  I consciously chose to not take a nap so I would sleep Sunday night.  I slept hard for about 8 hours.  I figured not feeling 100% awake was because my body wanted more sleep to catch up on the deficit from the weekend.


By the time I got home from work, I was really wondering if I was getting the crud going around.  Just had that feeling, but I decided to not worry about it.  I still did about 40 min on the elliptical, then ordered us all pho for dinner.  I should mention that it was only at that time that I realized my kids were also fighting this crud going around.

I was doomed.

I loaded myself full of vitamins, advil, and allergy meds – then went to sleep.  There are two types of dreams I have when I sleep.  Normal dreams that may be weird but at least in a way that makes some sense on some level.  Then there are the “I’m sick” dreams which would be like a combo of MC Escher, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miro in my head.  Everything is surreal and weird and disjointed and not right.  Those were the dreams I was having last night.   Yep, I am sick.

But I was still going to try to go to work because, well, I thought I wasn’t quite that sick.  I can get through my day.  I took a shower and realized while in the shower that I needed to stay home.  So, I went back to bed.

When I got back up about 10-ish, I checked email and all for work, then decided to finish my photo editing.  Specifically, I was going to edit my photo series I’m working on.  Knowing my own physically tired state and my mental state when I took them, I was a bit worried.

Until I downloaded them.

Then I was giddy.  So far the feedback from the two guys who modeled for me has been positive.  And it took me a while to narrow down which ones I wanted to use.  They are all so great.  Now I need to get the 3 guys who said they would model booked – and find a few more to pose.  Then I should have enough for a show.

What is also giving me fuel to do this, besides the results I’ve gotten so far? When I shared with people the idea – and the concept and why I was doing it – even the most critical of people were loving it.  They are like, “you have to do this show!!”

So I guess something positive has come from this day……now if I can start feeling better.  Ugh.

What do you think?

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