Oh, Hello, Insomnia

This about summarizes it.  Except, I don’t feel I have a problem I need to solve.  I’m just awake.  Me and the big ginger kitty (the small ginger kitty may be awake too but he’s awake pestering the 15-yr-old).  I’ve been awake since about 2:30 am.

Like I said, I’m not sure why I’m awake.  Nothing is worrying me.  Nothing is bugging me.  Nothing is a problem.  I’m just awake.

I did a photoshoot today which was fun.  I have been thinking about this idea for a while but never was at a point where I felt ready to shoot it.  But I decided it was time.

I had 8 hours of studio time thanks to G.  He gave it to me for my birthday.

I had guys willing to help me out.

I bought one major prop that I really needed for it.

It was time to do a test shoot.  I chose 3 guys who were willing and understanding that this was a test.  And they were on time which was even better given I had a 2 hour window to get in, set up, shoot, and get out.

The space was awesome and better than advertised.  It is a daylight studio meaning it has amazing light so that you don’t necessarily need lights.  I was a bit worried that I may need some light because it was overcast.  But I ended up pulling the sheer curtains because I needed a bit less light.

The guys did great too.  The setup worked well – and they had fun.  I had the right people there because they talked and joked and allowed me to get some good natural shots.

45 minutes was all the time I need.  So the three guys tried to find me a few others for me to shoot.  Two guys showed up.  Except when told they were going to get naked for the camera, they did not believe anyone.  Until they showed up and realized we were serious.  That was pretty funny.

Editing them was fun too.  I am playing around with the editing because I have a particular look in mind.  Overall, I am happy with them.  So much so that I need to reach out to others to see if they will pose.

Hmm….wonder if I can sleep yet….

What do you think?

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