Friday Feelz – Take 3

Clearly my ability to email in my blog post is being hampered by something.  Guess I have to actually log in and post this if I want you all to be able to read it.

Damn technology!

Been kind of a crazy week, so here goes….

  • Frustration — While I think I finally communicated to my boss my annoyance with procrastination, it only happened after his procrastination (again) annoyed the fuck out of me.  Tuesday morning he sent a series of meeting requests with only a subject and no content other than “mandatory – you must be in these meetings”.  Despite the fact I put my calendar showed I was out of the office at 3:30 pm one day, he scheduled it to go well past that time.  Translation: My date with SB was no going to be possible given my boss also typically runs meetings that run long.  My frustration at this point was doubled.  SB typically goes away for Christmas, and this date was probably going to be the last time I could see him before he left.  Then I found out what my boss was trying to do: something that was due yesterday and he had not thought about yet.  So here we were scrambling to get things together for him to deliver to the CEO and CFO……again.  Putting the cherry on top of this big frustration sundae? The meeting he had scheduled over my date with SB? He cut it short because he had personal obligations.  Yeah, it’s been a long couple of days.
  • Fuzzy Love – After all of her numerous not-so-subtle hints, we got the 15-year-old her Christmas present: a 3-month old ginger kitty.  The person at the Humane Society asked what we were looking for in a personality, and we said “cuddler” which was one of the 15-year-old’s requirements.  The volunteer claimed this guy wasn’t must of one – as the kitten crawls into my lap and starts purring so loud that we could hear it over our conversation.  He is a sweetheart who is truly excited to be in the house.  He is a great kitty.
  • Anxiety – I don’t know why but I am less anxious about introducing dogs than I am about introducing cats.  I keep telling myself that it was good last time we did this with a grouchy old cat – but I am still quite anxious about getting these two cats to get along.  Right now, we are giving them their own spaces and doing everything slow.  I guess I am anxious because our big ginger guy can be an asshole.  He screws with the dog with no fear.  And I guess I worry about him deciding to be an asshole to this little baby creature who just wants to be his friend.  Maybe I should be focusing on letting the dog and kitten get along so together they can gang up on asshole cat.  Hmm..   I guess in the end, I just want them all to get along.  And I don’t want to feel like the only way that can happen is to get rid of a pet.
  • Excited – Tomorrow I spend 2-hrs in a photo studio trying to sort out of the logistics of a photos series I want to do.  The hope is that I have it done and ready to go in time so submit it to SEAF.  Regardless, I am going to show it at my own gallery at some point. This idea has been bouncing around in my head for months, so I am excited that I’m finally going forward with it.
  • Amused – The photos I took at the last kink party have circulating around the interwebs this week.  I am always excited to see what people find in there that they like and post as many times they choose the same ones that I loved when I was editing.  This time around has amused me.  People see me as a curator more often than a photographer, so I have been getting some funny feedback – good, but funny.  Like, “WOW – Emmy is a really good photographer!”  I could be offended with those comments and say, “fuck-you  very much”, but I’m choosing to be amused over their awakening to this fact.  I know that part of their awakening is happening because I’m getting attention they normally get.  I should mention most having the awakening are photographers who think highly of themselves and are used to this attention.
  • Accomplished – Small things getting fixed sometimes give a great sense of accomplishment.  This week,
  • Loved –  I am feeling quite loved this week.  Sure, some could read that and think, “of course you do – you have a husband and a paramour – how could you not feel loved?”  And that is true.  There are times when little things make me feel so much love it is like the actions scream “LOVE” so loud that you feel it deep inside.  I am blessed – and only hope I make them feel the same way I do.
I started listening to a new audio book called “Why Buddhism Is True” by Robert Wright.  It is interesting, but a lot of think about as I listen.  I keep having to hit pause just because there is a lot of info to process.  Evolutionary biology has been a topic so far and how the need to further our genetics by getting them into the next generation has caused the body to physiologically react to things that we then associate as making us feel good – things like sex, certain foods, etc.  I have heard some good things about this book.  I hope I can make it through listening to it.
Music wise, I’ve been enjoying David Gilmour Live at Pompeii.  Can’t wait to see the video from that show because the parts I have seen are amazing.
Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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