Friday Feelz

This is becoming a regular event.  I’m glad I stole the idea from Arrow Living’s Friday Feelz email.

Oh and to pimp Kendall’s work – Arrow Living is a website and a podcast.  She got the name from this quote: “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. ”  Her focus is on female athletes and the people that support them.  She also talks about her own life and challenges and how she has overcome them.  I started reading her stuff and listening to her podcast because she was, until a few months ago, a member of the Portland Thorns Women’s Soccer team.  She interviews all kinds of female athletes from around the world.  Good stuff.  I strongly recommend checking her out.

  • Annoyance: I am really REALLY sick of the new guy.  Just this morning, he was trying to tell me all about a development problem that A) I’m fully aware of given it is in my realm of responsibilities and B) my team and I have been trying to pursue a solution for about 5 months now and C) my team has kept me entirely in the loop on the issue.    When I pointed out that maybe he doesn’t understand all of the nuances, he just turned his back on me and started reading his email.  Fuck you, kid.  He tried to vent to me about something 10 minutes later, and I pretty much kept doing what I’m doing.  I don’t have time for fucking idiots who think they know it all.   Even yesterday as the guys were talking about cars, he kept piping up as the expert on all makes and models.  When he asked me about my car and when I got it, I commented about what color I really wanted and how they couldn’t find it in the entire region.  His response: “They don’t make your car in that color – that’s a different model.”  Four years ago, that was not true like it is today.  Ok, Dude, I forgot who I was talking to. *eye roll*
  • Tired:  Took 2 days off to have a 5-day weekend…..and spent the entire time running here and there and everywhere.  I had one day off – Christmas.  Needless to say, I’m tired.  I’m looking forward to the long weekend as maybe I’ll get to relax and get some stuff done.
  • Happy: Last night, I got to spend a few hours with SB.  He was away for the holidays, so it was great getting together and reconnecting again.  I missed him.
  • Anxious: Next week is the first art opening of 2018.  I have two artists that I don’t know very well.  I am hoping they show up on time, are organized, and deliver the art that I expect.  I’m working with a lot of new artists this year, but find wanting to make sure I have some of my own stuff on deck in case something goes wrong.  Fingers crossed they have their shit together, and that it meets my expectations.
  • Unmotivated: Yesterday, I started the task of clearing out my inbox at work.  Went from over 2200 emails and got it down to 605 before I got pulled away.  That was the extent of my motivation.  Between illnesses and vacations, work has been pretty quiet.  Been hard to be motivated to do much more than respond the urgent stuff.
  • Contemplating: As the year comes to an end, I cannot help but wonder if there is anything I want to accomplish in 2018 – a goal to set.  I rarely have done New Year’s Resolutions, but there are some ideas I have had bouncing around in my head that are leading me to not do the resolutions route but more reflective in terms of what I liked that I did this year and how I want to either take that forward or do something different.  Not sure what will happen – just know that there are some things I’m contemplating.
  • Hopeful: Earlier this week, the kitten escaped his room and milled around with our big cat.  We were surprised when we came back home (3 hours later) to find them sharing space.  There are times when our big guy will warn the kitten, but there are other times when he wants to play too as he watches the kitten pounce on things and chase toys.  I think what is helping things a big is that the big guy is coned.  He won’t leave a skin irritation alone, so he has spent the last few days in the cone.  I am hopeful that they will actually start getting along now or at least coexisting.  The bigger challenge? The pitbull who really LOVES kitties – and who sees this new little one as a chance to play.  The kitten is freaked out sometimes and fearless others.  So we are having to watch carefully because we don’t want the pitbull to chase or play rough.  I fear she has learned some bad habits thanks to the big cat.  But coexisting is good….we are definitely on the right path.

Things I suggest this week:

  • Season 2 of The Grand Tour – where you get so see when Hammond almost died.  I’m serious by the way – he crashed while filming.  It was crazy.  I liked the first season and this one is good so far.  If you were a fan of Top Gear – then you will love this show.  It’s on Amazon, by the way.
  • Wellness Formula – yes, I’m recommending an herbal wellness vitamin.  I feel like, right now, that is the one thing keeping me from catching the crud going around the office and family.  I’m taking 3 per day but I increase it to 6-9 if I feel like my body is fighting something.  The flu and chest colds are horrible this time of the year – so anything to help stave it off is good. (BTW: They are saying around here that the flu vaccinations missed the big flu strand going around.  Never good news to hear.

Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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