What’s the opposite of HUMP?

I have gone to HUMP! for several years in a row now.  I enjoy seeing the creativity of the port films people have submitted for the show.  I enjoy laughing and cheering and cringing at what is part of the about 20 short-porn film show.  At the end, since Portland and Seattle are the two cities who help decide the awards for best film, best sex, best kink, and best comedy, I enjoy figuring out who I will vote for.

Last night, we went to the 2017 HUMP film festival.  We sat in anticipation of what we would see.  Last year had some great ones.  What would we see this year?

Answer? A disappointment.

One film they removed because people thought it was too violent – they couldn’t handle it.  Given the name, I suspect it was a predator-prey kink that was featuring consensual non-consensual themes.  That is a kink that is hard for people who are even kinky to understand and connect with – so I get it – kinda.  The “kinda” comes from some of the things I have seen in past shows that have made people cringe.  It was sad they dropped it.

For me, the festival is summarized by one film in it.  It features the start of a classic porn.  Pizza man arrive with a pizza, the half naked lady answers the door, and the tip – well, she gets more than just the tip as she, uhm, gives him what he has earned.   Just as things are getting going, you hear the director yell, “CUT!!”   Then he calls for someone else – the scene isn’t working.  They removed the woman and replace her with a man who is Latino, if my memory serves me.  They restart the scene – just as the sex is starting, the director says “CUT!”  And he calls for someone else.  The scene restarts, and as the sex is starting, you see it is a Latino trans person.  The scene cuts to the producers who have paid for it.  They are all white men who are giving high fives of congratulations because “This film will be a hit – we have hit all the right demographics – we’ll make lots of money!”  And that is how it ends.

But that is how HUMP! felt this year.  It felt like someone said, “Trans people are really hot right now – so let’s make sure that is well explored.  And this type of people are really hot right now, so let’s make sure we include that group too.  And since kink could trigger people, let’s tone it way down.  Then we will have HUMP! gold!”

Best kink film? No fucking idea.  I think I chose the fisting one because, well, it was the kinkiest one there, IMO.  The issue with that film though? It featured a well known adult film actor.  Didn’t seem to fit the theme of HUMP!.

G commented he had a hard time picking “best sex” film because there was some sex, but some of it was just odd – not “the best”.  I don’t disagree.

There were some funny ones.  But not the spectrum that I’ve seen in the past.

This one was good – but there have been better ones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SzIH13BLEg)

Overall, it was a disappointment.  And that was sad.  We both were hoping for a fun evening.  We were hoping to joke and talk to our friend at dinner about the event.  In the end, we felt sad.  We hoped it had not jumped the shark – we hope it can recover.

What do you think?

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