This Week’s Friday Feelz

Continuing on last week’s idea (see that post), I am doing another Friday Feelz post where I share tidbit of what I am feeling this week. Here goes….

Tired: I usually roll my eyes at those who complain about the start and end of daylight savings time because I rarely have issues adjusting – and, well, there a bigger things to tackle in this world than whether or not this time change tradition should be continued. This week it has effected me but mainly because I was at a party and up after the party when the time change occurred. Seeing it go from 2 am to 1 am as I’m physically tired but mentally wired caused my brain to tell my body, "Oh, it’s not that late – stay up until you’re mentally tired too." So I did only to have it wake me up early because it felt late. It has thrown me off all week because of it. I think the change of time just exasperated it.

Inspired: Wednesday night I was invited to attend a local professional group for IT people. The national group of which this is a part puts on the annual leadership classes that I have been taking this year. In celebration of the fact we "graduate" on Monday from the class, we were invited to be their guest (and their advertisement for the class). I went into the event reluctant to be there. The work day had been long – the weather was cold and crappy – and I just wanted to be home curled up on the couch sipping wine and watching TV as I decompressed from my day. Besides the forced socialization, there was a speaker that was slated to go until about 8:10 pm, and his topic seemed to be a regurgitation of a topic that is popular right now in IT-land. The speaker was inspiring. While it started out to be just another speaker about this over discussed topic, it ended with a larger message. "People like to be part of cause, not support a mission statement." "Your cause must be larger than your job." He talked about how that connection has not only had positive impacts on his leadership performance but also brought a greater cause into his life through his various charity work focused on children’s charities. Driving back home and even the days following, his words have stayed with me. Makes me want to take a different direction on things.

Thrilled: I spent many hours on Sunday going through and editing the 700+ photos I took over 4 hours on Saturday night. The process involves deleting the ones that are blurry and all, cropping out people in the background, adjusting the the photos negatively impacted by light, and getting rid of people in the background of the photos. I end up spending a lot of time in Lightroom to do initial purging and editing, then switch to Photoshop to remove people from the background, then back to Lightroom to export out the photos to a location for the event organizer. It is a lengthy process. I put the photos in the organizer’s hands on Sunday night. I was really happy with the results and was hoping others would be too. Since Sunday, it has been crickets. No real feedback – nothing online in terms of people posting their favorites, nada. The inner critic in me started whispering that maybe they weren’t as good as I thought they were. After I got home last night after a long day at work, really long commute, and not-so-fun trip to the store, my phone vibrated signally I had gotten a text message. "Those photos turned out nice!! WOW!" One of the kinky rope guys had sent it. I thanked him – then heard an email notification come in. One of the rope bottoms had send me a lengthy message about how these were some of the best photos she has had taken of her – she is really amazed at how I was able to capture the scene in a way that also captured the energy between her and the rope guy. etc etc. A short time later, I got another message with more thanks. Nothing like a few nicely timed messages to shut up that bastard inner critic of mine. I was thrilled that they were so happy with how it turned out. This experiment of taking photos at a kink party has generated a lot of concern and hate and all – but this time around – this time to see people be as thrilled as they are with them – well, it makes me happy.

Lastly, one of my favorite comic goddesses Abby Howard has put out a neat comic that was to celebrate Halloween. I love her mind in terms of how she comes up with these stories – go check out this one . And if you like it and want to read a longer story – The Last Halloween is a very good web comic.

Happy Friday!!

What do you think?

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