Summary of My Weekend

I called my almost 18 year old an asshole last night.

I think that can safely summarize my weekend.

It came to the point where I called her that after I realized her Senior photo is due to the school in a few days.  I asked her which one she wanted me to use.  I had about a month or so ago dragged her out to take some because, well, until that point, she didn’t care.  What I learned last night was that she hated all of them – she doesn’t think they are good enough – she doesn’t like how they are edited – blah blah blah.

I should mention that I have mentioned a few other times that if she wanted to take more – that we needed to do it.  She blew me off.  So for me, this isn’t a surprise that we are here.

As I’m trying to figure out what we can do, she is throwing the jabs.  Her final jab was something about how just because they aren’t like my senior photos (citing something specific in them), doesn’t mean they are any good.  I shut the laptop, looked at her, and was like, “you’re an asshole, you know that?”  Then I told her to fuck off as I walked out of the room.

Do I have regrets? No. She was being an asshole.  And, I’m really sick of caring more about shit than she does – only to have her freak the fuck out because she puts herself into a situation she is stuck in.

That was like the culmination of my day.  I had started it off good – I had slept in which was nice after several crazy days getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I found the stuff I needed for the pop-up show that I’m vending at next weekend.

That is where the good stopped.

I printed off 5 copies of the same photo only to find the color fucked up each time.

Ok, I thought, I’ll clean the printer nozzles and all – then try again.

Hit the “clean nozzle” option on the printer only to get a “Not enough ink – replace cartridges”.

I went through and found one of the cartridges that I needed.  The second one? The only one I don’t have.


Found it on my favorite photography site only to find I could not order it until a certain time.  (It is owned by Orthodox Jews who observe Shabbat.  During Shabbat, they stop taking orders.)

So, I ventured out the pro photo shop that I knew had printer ink.  Sure I’ll pay about $15-20 more than online, but I will have it the same day.  I dragged G with me to see if that helped me get service any faster.  Nope.  Finally the guy who helped me pretty much told me my printer is old, so good luck finding ink because they aren’t ordering any more.

Yeah, fuck you too, Dude.

Ironically, I have been lusting after a high end tripod and couldn’t get helped there either.  From what I have heard, it helps if I’m male and dropping at least $500 a visit.  The tripod would have been about that much.  Whatever.

My day just continued to go that way as all I wanted to do was met with “nope – not today”.

While I can generally handle setbacks, I just needed a day to go right.  I just needed a “yes, today.”

And what I really didn’t need? My kid to be an asshole on top of it.

Needless to say, today, I stayed inside – stayed away – and just pulled the covers over my head to recharge.

Not sure it worked – but hey, I haven’t called the other kid an asshole….but the day isn’t done.

What do you think?

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