Mental Health Day

This week has been a rough one.  I woke up this morning realizing what it was doing for my health. The starts of the head cold that I thought I had kicked last week was back today.  In hindsight, it has been fighting to come back for the last few days.  I was exhausted –  I needed a day of rest so that I don’t get sick like others at work.

So I checked my calendar and called in sick.

Then went back to bed and slept for almost 4 more hours.

This week is always my crazy week anyway.  I have the art show tonight which means a crazy long day of hanging on Sunday.  Prep all week with more promotion and all of the details – the cards, the bios, etc.  Then final touches for the show tonight – followed by the opening.

Choosing to take this day for my mental health was the right thing.

Not having a crazy day followed by a rush to get to the show and then the show was the right thing.

I’m glad I listened to myself instead of tried talking myself out of it.

What do you think?

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