Seeing Noises

Within minutes of getting to work today, I knew things were going to be crazy…..again, or some more depending on how you look at it. The fact I was done with my coffee so early was just a sign that I needed more, so I grabbed another big cup of coffee and headed to my meeting that I suspected would be ugly.

It was ugly – glad my expectations were met. Then I went onto the next meetings given it was a morning of one meeting after another. As the meetings progressed, I knew I was in trouble.

3 shots of espresso plus a huge cup of extra strong coffee the crew downstairs likes to brew – and now I could see noises.

I ran back to my desk to get some water.

By the end of that meeting, the act of standing still was impossible. My body was ready to go, and standing still was like creating an internal battle for control – would my mind win or the coffee? Whichever it was – it was not going to be good.

Because while I’m not an amateur, I had forgotten the big thing that keeps this internal battle from happening — food. Such a rookie mistake!

I finally got back to my desk and inhaled a protein bar. But, it was too late. I was buzzing….too much.

Now, I am drinking lots of water and slowly eating my lunch as the world vibrates around me. I know this caffeine high will pass. The question becomes will I come down hard or soft? I’m aiming for soft but who the hell knows.

All I know is that I won’t be doing this again for a while. It is a good reminder why I switch to water after the shots of espresso in the morning. Mainly, so I don’t have these moments:


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