I learned about Samhain when I was reading a book set in Ireland.  Samhain was Halloween – when the line between the living and the dead is thin.  The dead can cross easily back into the land of the living – to visit, to cross over.

Later I learned from my Wiccan friends that it was celebrated for the same reason.  That is where Halloween comes from – the ghosts crossing over.

Samhain is when the veil is thin.  Those who have passed will come for conversations.  I liked that idea – I like that idea.  I often feel those who have passed.  I have commented to those close to me that each time I have avoided an accident that I feel it is one of my grandparents sitting next to me saying, “hey, see that truck – don’t trust it – hang back or speed up but don’t trust it”.  I follow the advice – and keep myself out of an accident that could have been bad.  I have no other explanation than that. Feeling that someone is giving me guidance from the beyond.  Silly, I know – but truly how I’ve felt.

Maybe it is fitting that yesterday our dog passed through the veil.  Maybe his passing was eased by his body – our yellow lab – sitting on the other side beckoning him to come play with him.  It is what I hope.  And if he is lucky – our grumpy siamese cat was there threatening him while our loving calico cat looked forward to seeing him.

A Wiccan friend of mine has been posting things on Facebook – messages to those who have passed.  “I remember you” is the central theme – as is “I  feel you”.

While others celebrate Halloween, I think this year, I will mark the day as Samhain.  Feels more appropriate.  Talking to those who have passed through the veil – when the veil is quite thin.  Nothing wrong with talking to the dead – just talking during a time that they are most likely to hear.

What do you think?

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