Music Friday!

I could have done a Friday the 13th post, but honestly, Friday the 13th days are pretty good for me.  I view them as lucky – not bad.  So, let’s celebrate with some music!

( — There is something awesome about this!

( I guess Norway is a good place for music.  The first video was a Norwegian heavy metal guy – and this was filmed in Norway in June.  BTW: This song is the 80s for me.  Not sure why – but when I think 80s, I think of this song first.

( David Gilmour playing Run Like Hell at a concert in Pompeii.  Wow…..uhm…..WOW!!


( G loves these guys – and he sent this to me today.


( is the song that I always think of when I think of Walk Off The Earth.  They do some neat covers.

Happy Friday!

May it be filled with laughter and music! Happy Weekend!

What do you think?