Photos from A Mini Vacation with SB

Subtitled: Don’t Be An Asshole Bunny

We went back to a place we had not been for over a year.  We were hoping for more time, but it wasn’t in the cards.  So we took the time we had and went to enjoy the ocean at a favorite place.

We drank countless pints of beer. And five bottles of wine.  And ate some amazing food – freshly caught fish in local dives and other great food.  We enjoyed the ocean.  We enjoyed each other. We fed bunnies as I cussed them out for fighting over the food (don’t be an asshole bunny!)

We napped.  We played a bit.  And I saw that even glint in his eye return along with that smile the told me I was in big trouble.

Oh, thank goodness I was in trouble.

This place always is connected with him – him and I sitting on the balcony, watching the ocean, listening to great music, drinking great wine, and sharing conversations that end with us curled up in bed and usually moving a bit slower the day after.

I cannot believe he is back in my life.  He brings balance – he brings calm – he brings the piece I’m missing in my life which is sometimes the one that needs to smack me across the ass with my brush.

I’m a lucky girl.


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