Lazy Bums!

I have two of them in the house.

And they are not my teenagers or at least, this time, they are not my teenagers.

Why am I up at 2 am?

I heard, what sounded like, someone coming through our side gate and into our yard.  A jarring sound that brought me out of a dead sleep.

And as I lay there in my bed trying to figure out what I heard, I realize all I am hearing are the two dogs (one in my bed, the other next to it) snoring away.  Neither had even moved or stopped snoring for one minute at this noise.

Realizing that they were worthless, I got up, grabbed my cell phone and the tactical flashlight SB had given my daughter (which I had borrowed from her the other day) and checked the doors, windows, and yard.

In case you wondered if this was when the dogs seemed interested in what was happening, don’t wonder – they were still snoring away in bed.

Did I find anyone in the yard?

Only a giant possum that I assume got into the yard in a less than graceful manner.

Feeling assured that the house was safe, I realized I was now wide awake thanks to the adrenaline.  I also realized that I will need to thank G in the morning when he gets back from his game that was held 4-hrs away.

It was only when I settled on the couch to try to come down from this adrenaline high that the dogs decided to come see if maybe I had food too.  Unimpressed with the alcoholic beverage I had poured myself in hopes of coming down, both dogs have headed back to bed.

Yep, I can still hear them snoring over the TV.

And nope – still not close to being able to sleep.

Fucking bums.

What do you think?

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