Information Overload


This is how I feel today.

I have been in meetings the past 4 days from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. No real breaks other than to go to the restroom or get more water. And I get to work at 7:30 am and leave by 5 pm. Coming into today, I had pretty much already worked my work week.

And I’m finding my brain doesn’t want to turn on today.

I’m all thought out.

This week o’ meetings has been a roller coaster or sorts. I have been learning a whole new system. Trying to get the business areas on the same page in terms of how we will use the system which dictates data flows. I’ve had to argue with my Technical Architect who, when riled up, gets so thick headed that it is a fight to get him to stop and listen and maybe entertain the idea that HE is making things worse or missing what is happening. And I’ve had to pretty much manage the software company’s implementation team to get them to fucking engage.

It has been a long fucking week.

So today, I sit here staring blindly at my inbox – trying to mentally willing the important mail to show themselves without me having to click through each one trying to find them because reading is not something my brain wants to do because it has taken today off.

The upside of this week? If anyone started the week wondering what value I brought to the table at 8:30 am on Monday, they no longer wonder. One of the people who doesn’t have a great relationship with my boss actually wrote him a note saying that I was a good hire – and thanked him for bringing me here.

I guess I left an impression on people.

So back I go to staring at the screen – and watching the clock.
Maybe the staring will make something happen.
Here’s to hoping.

What do you think?

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