I Blame The DJ

It’s no surprise that I’m home at 1:30 am after almost 5 hours of taking photos at the local kink party  – and wide awake.

I blame the DJ.

To be fair, if the energy is right, I start flying higher than a kite even if I really want to crawl into bed and sleep for the night.  I stopped on the way to the party and got a coke figuring the sugar and caffeine would help.  But honestly, the music fucking helped more than anything.  The music and how it elevated everyone’s energy even before any real play – kinky or otherwise – had started.  It’s what happens when an energy aware guy is DJing.

It also helped that we were coming into a club that was not in chaos but was ready to go for the night.  The AC was working perfectly.  The place was clean and had been re-arranged, just slightly, making things flow better in a few areas.  At 9 pm, it was like someone opened the flood gates.  The place went from empty to full of people and energy.   It was kind of awesome.

I was worried initially because people were specifically coming to me to make it known they did not want photos nor did they want to be in the background of photos.  I thanked them for letting me know and reassured them that I blur out everyone in the background.  As the night went on, my list grew.  At one point, I approached the group starting a game of “kinky Jenga” to see if I could photograph the play.  Fuck, it’s fairly innocent.  There were some very vocal objections, so I thanked them for letting me know and moved along.

So far, an hour into the party, I had permission to shoot one scene.  I started talking to the DM instead.

The first night’s DM is a great guy.  The more I learn about him and his wife, the more I appreciate who they are.  The great part about him is that he has no poker face or even poker body language.  If he thinks you are an idiot, his body language will give it away.  And what is even better? He knows this so will go ahead and tell you why he thinks you are being an idiot.  He does it in a way that is not “I think I’m better than you” but more of a “come on – you can be better than this” sort of way.

At one point, I looked over to where he was just because he was near the small dungeon area – and I wanted to see if anything was happening.  His body language told me 2 things: 1. Yes, something was happening, and 2.  He did NOT approve.  I wandered over to where he was to see if maybe I could get a photo or two.  Upon seeing what was going on, I laughed.  He turned to me shaking his head.  “Where the fuck do these people learn to Top? I mean, seriously – I’ll give classes – I’d be happy to help.  But,” and he jerked his head in the direction of the scene, “that is just ….ugh.”  While his back was turned, I was facing the scene, so started watching.  It did not take long for me to understand what he was talking about.

While his back was turned, I was facing the scene, so started watching.  It did not take long for me to understand what he was talking about.  The bottom was standing and had her arms tied to the Saint Andrews Cross.  Behind her was an audience of people.  The Top knew that – I’m not sure if she did.  The Top was totally ignoring her (outside of striking her with a mini-flogger) and totally playing to his audience.   “Oh lord – does he realize he has a person attached to that bottom?” I asked my friend the DM.  He laughed before saying that was his exact issue.

Don’t get me wrong – we were not making fun of a newbie.  Hey, we all start off new – we both got that.  This guy, in addition to playing to his small audience, was also trying to instruct them. Uhm, yeah – NO.   That took him from clueless newbie to arrogant dumbass.

A bit later, I glanced that direction again to see my friend the DM physically repulsed by something he was seeing.  “Ok,” I thought, “I have to know what happened now.”  So I started the direction.  He met me halfway, then walked me back to the dungeon area.  With a nod, he asked, “who the fuck is he?”  I had no idea despite his large case of kink toys.  I almost immediately regretted asking why.  “So that woman over there was on the spanking bench.  It looked as if he was lubing up her ass – then he used a dildo on her.  After he was done, he took it over to the trash can, used his hands to scrape off the dildo whatever it was he needed to scrape off, then tossed it back in his bag. WHAT. THE. FUCK!?!”

Ew.  Or more like EWWWW.

There were some fun scenes to watch.  The energy with the rope scenes.  Some topping scenes that were pretty fucking hot.  It was like as the energy started rising higher and higher – so did the people in some pretty kinky and sexy ways.

And when I finally went to buy myself a drink, I found the bartender’s vodka sodas are mostly vodka with a splash of soda (and good vodka at that).  How do you know the party energy is good? You drink what is about 2 shots of vodka and find you are not really feeling it at all.

I took about 500 photos by the end of the night.  I haven’t really looked at them off camera, but there are some good ones in there.  So now I have to try to come down from the buzz.

After talking to the guy who puts these together for the event space, I think he is leaning towards trying to get this DJ back again.  I sure hope so.  I mean, throughout the night, I was smiling to myself as I heard Gary Numan, covenant, Rammstein, and NIN, just to name a few.  And I smiled wondering if anyone else was recognizing these bands or if it was just me.  Outside of NIN, I’m pretty sure I was one of the very few that did.

So now I must try to sleep.
The photos can wait.
It’s time to release this excess energy into the universe and drift away.

What do you think?

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