The Bubble Effect


A few songs into the second band’s set, I learned over to make a comment about them.  But instead of finding his ear, I found his mouth.

The kiss started out slow and sweet but quickly deepened.  His hands left my waist and went up to my face as I found my back against the wall.

He pulled away briefly, and I heard a growl escape his lips before he seized my mouth again.

The music faded into the background.  The people around us were gone.  It was just him and me and us…..sharing a moment in the midst of it all.   It was like the energy between us had created a bubble around us that blocked it all from us and our moment.

And as his mouth left my mouth and found that part on my neck – where the neck meets my shoulder, I couldn’t stop the moan from crossing my lips.

As he nibbled my neck and we continued to kiss, I could feel the wetness starting to coat my inner thighs.

The kiss finally broke as did that bubble we had manifested – and the music came back as did the people.

He slid his arm around my waist again and pulled me close.

And this time his mouth found my ear as he said, “oh, I smell you, musky girl….”

And I leaned into him for a moment as I tried to catch my breath.

What concert were we at again?

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