Photos: Ents?

A couple weeks ago, I saw a post highlighting a hidden Scottish park that is open to the public and few know about.  The park overlooks the Willamette River and has a gorgeous view of Mt Hood, the article said.  They talked about all of the paths you can wander.  It is 13-acres in total.

The story goes that a Scotsman named Peter Kerr bought this land, built an English-style mansion, and surrounded it by these amazing gardens.  When he died, he gave the home and lands to the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon on condition that they always make it available to the public.

It is such an interesting place – nestled among all of these other gorgeous mansions – down a street near a pretty busy street – not that you would hear it.  I went to search for it, got turned around (nothing like having 3 street names that are similar: Military Road, Lane, and Court), but found it in the end.

So what does this all have to do with Ents?

As I was wandering around the property, it seemed that many of the very old trees had faces.

That guy looks grumpy.

This one looks unhappy.

This one looked watchful.

And this one looked content.

And this one looked like it was flashing people.

The folklore of Ents is that they were created to protect the trees from dwarves and other perils.  They were shepherds.  I couldn’t help but smile each time I turned around and saw another face in the trees.  It is almost as if they are there to make sure nothing befalls these Scottish gardens.

That is an idea that I like – especially given we live in a city where people will almost do anything to get ahold of land to deforest and develop.  This park is protected.

What do you think?

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