Life Is Good


Life is good.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’ve sat down a few times this week thinking, “I should write”, only to realize that, well, I’ve got nothing.

I could write about how the first six days of having G out of the country has been.  But honestly, so far so good. I miss him. I miss having a partner at home helping with the family stuff and all.  I miss the fact we aren’t having our Friday night date.  But I’m grateful the kids are stepping up.  DJ is running errands.  Indigo is texting me asking what she can do while I’m at work.  I’m sure some of that will change, but so far, so good.

I could write about G’s trip, but hell – that’s his story to tell.  He’s going from the UK to the far east side of Russia as part of a fundraising trip.  Yeah – I don’t think I can convey his stories.

I could write about some of the bullshit at work, but honestly, the supportiveness and the genuine interest they are showing in all that G’s doing and how it will impact me has the other bullshit overshadowed.  This place with all of its quirks feels like home to me – honestly.  And the job – after being in a different one for 7 years – feels like the right move for me – the right fit.  It is what I do best.

I could complain about all of the reading for my class, but this round of books isn’t bad (so far).  I’ll save that complaining or venting for when it is necessary.

Hell, I even started a post about how a friend of mine – who has been in my life for over 25 years – is doing and saying things that caused me to shift her from close friend to acquaintance.  But, in looking back over the past year when shit was going sideways for me in many areas of my life and seeing how little support she gave me, well, this is the right role for her.  Nothing more beyond these few sentences needs to be said.

I could bitch about the art show and how shitty it was last night in terms of attendance, but really I would be pushing it.  While the attendance sucked, the company did not.  Spending three hours with SB, talking, and being together made the night good.

I could bitch about the rugby guys and how they are pinging me left and right for shit now that G’s out of the country, but each time they need something, I get a sincere thank you or eight.  Each thank-you is genuine and heartfelt – none want me to feel taken advantage of.

SO, nothing is jumping out at me to write about.  No bitching. No ranting.  No stories I feel a strong need to tell.  All is good.  Life it good.  I could get more sleep, but there’s nothing to write about here.

But I will post some results of various Facebook quizzes I have taken. They are amusing:

My familiar which is so appropriate!

My Goth Personae – I like it!

The country from which my manners match.  Not sure I agree.

My karma score is good. Thank you Facebook for confirming:

And I’m street tough…..I can live with that…




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