Fun with Skype and Autocorrect


Conversation between G and me on Skype today:

G: I pooped something in a small box for you and the girls and shipped it off today. Hopefully you’ll get it.

Me: ewwww…..

G: Just a small "I miss you" gift.

Me: You pooped in small box?? And sent it to us??

G: Wow! That was quite the autocorrect!


G: Yes, pooped in a box for you!

Me: Thanks

G: You’re welcome. I know you love having my shit laying around.

Me: You caught me.

Later in the conversation:

Me: Indigo is taking the cat to the vet. She can walk there in 15 min, yes?

G: Yeah – sex or seven at most.

Me: I hope there is no sex involved.

G: ??????

G: UGH!! I suck at this!!

G: Good thing I’m not a: applying for a job or b: trying to woo you. I’d e sunk either way!

G: BE sunk!

Skype is fun especially when you are using it on a device with auto-correct!

What do you think?

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