And Now For An Unplanned Day Off…..


This was me this morning.

Actually, this was how I was feeling last night too.

Yesterday, all day, I had this dull headache that I was fighting.  Every few hours, I’d take two more Advil in hopes that this would be the dose that would help me get through my day.

I made a comment after my last meeting that I was going home because my head was killing me and I was done.  “You’d better not be getting sick,” a guy on my team commented.  Nah, I told him, it’s probably my allergies.

I got home and did my headache cure-all: 4 Advil taken with a beer.  I learned long ago that if I have a headache that won’t go away that part of the problem ends up being that my head hurts, my body is now tensed up from the pain, so the beer helps me relax.  At least that’s my story – and it seems to work, so who cares if it makes sense.

I went about the rest of my night.  Made dinner for the kids.  Coordinated a planning meeting with the rugby guys for an upcoming event.  Ate while talking to the kids about their days.  They left to go to the store for something when I realized the headache isn’t going away but getting a bit worse.

I realized sitting there on the couch with two dogs at my feet and a cat hovering nearby meowing at me that the 3 pets knew what I was denying – I was not feeling well and it was really getting to me.

I texted the girls I was going to bed – not caring that it wasn’t even 7:30 yet.  It was time to just go the fuck to bed – take care of my body and let it do whatever it needed to do to get the fuck over this crud.  I crawled into bed – Maggie curled up next to me – not on her side – a sign she knew I wasn’t feeling great.  And I slept.

Until my alarm when off at 5:45 am.

At that time, I realized that my head was still not right.  And I was freezing.

I was underneath a comforter with a 90 lb pitaroo curled up next to me – and I’m cold.  Great, I thought – this does not bode well.

I gave myself another house of sleep before finally calling it.  I needed to just stay in bed.  I went back to sleep – and woke up at 11 am.  Let’s do the math now, I was in bed for almost 16 hours……and I still feel like I could go back to sleep. (Which I may do.)

Last week, my boss was sick for a few days.

The week before that, five guys on my team out of 9 were out sick.

Guess it was my turn.

I just feel like each week it has been something.  This week, I’m sick. Next week, I have to deal with the lawn guys and getting Indigo from camp on Friday.  Just feeling like a bad employee right now.  Not that I can help any of it.

I’m just trying to remind myself to take care of myself.  I can’t do the best for everything and everyone if I’m not well.  So I need to let myself be well.

Ask me how that’s working as I contemplate logging into work to see if all is ok?

What do you think?

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