What Were Those Again?


It’s almost as if she could have also added “vows to which God?”

I have too many balls in the air today.
(insert your own balls joke here especially after my blog post the other day)

Because I have too many balls in the air, I thought it would be a good time to blog. Hey, I don’t even understand my own thought processes sometimes.

I had a clear path forward on things I needed to get done today. I really did.

But they flew out the window when I got a text from my boss who is at a leadership meeting out of town:

“I need this data from you as soon as possible. Pleas confirm you got this message and are doing it.”

“Got it” was my simple response.

Take to-do list; toss out the window.

Of course what he is asking for is not easy to get. It’s a pretty significant research project. It’s digging through all of my emails, my two notebooks full of meeting minutes, and the project system to find the info.

Because, ya know, I didn’t have anything better to do.

As I’m doing this, I’m overhearing this and that about the Comey testimony. In a meeting, two guys were commenting how bothered they are about the “loyalty” requests Trump was making of him as well as the use of the word “patronage” throughout the reports. SB had messaged me his take on how things were going. I ended up reading his message about it to the group because it summarized it well.

“YES! This is a better soap opera than when I used to watch Days of Our Lives and was wondering if Stefano Dimera was being brought back to life,” exclaimed my cohort who is someone you wouldn’t expect to know the characters from a soap opera – but there ya go.

In addition to the research project and discussions about Comey’s testimony, I’m also reviewing a contract from a software provider because, nothing says fun AND exciting like reviewing legal language of a contract.

I’m also watching via instagram the US National Woman’s soccer game on right now (it’s 1-0 – USA, in case you are wondering). And I’m trying to finish my book for my class (“Don’t Be Such a Scientist”). And I’m talking DJ off the ledge after she discovered $1300 missing from her bank account (only to find out it was a bank error – and the dangers of having to have a parent’s name on your account because you’re a minor).

Oh, and I keep getting notifications I have messages on Fetlife from random guys who are local but I’ve never met or heard mentioned in any of my circles. I’m up to 5 in the past 24 hours. WTF?! What I do find funny is to see all of the conclusions they draw from my profile – and what they didn’t read apparently. Some people I know get angry about guys who do that. I just ignore them. It’s easier that way.

And I cannot forget the presentation I am making for my class.

Then I have my day job work.

Maybe I’m not meant to get anything actually done today.

Best laid plans, I guess…..

What do you think?

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