A Window In A Door

“Why is there a door on the lactation room that has a large glass window in it?”

This is what my cohort, who I will refer to as Leif given his Scandinavian background, asked after he walked by the newly created lactation room.

The company has a number of new moms working here right now, and the only option they have had for pumping is booking a conference room with a locking door to use for that purpose. Nothing like having to post on a company calendar for all to see what your lactation schedule is at work.

So, they found a perfect space in our building for a small room just for them. They even bought a nice comfy chair for it. That’s pretty cool.

Until they put the door on the room yesterday.

When I walked by it, I had a similar response in my head, “why the fuck does the door to the lactation room have a window in it?”

When Leif noticed it yesterday, he used his outside voice to exclaim it.

Then he promptly jumped into the room, shut the door, and did a dance that involved him grabbing one of his man boobs.

But that wasn’t it. He then went on a huge rant that ended with a threat of bringing in his wife’s old breast pump so he can hook himself up to to it in order to stand in front of the window to see if people are okay with that.

“I’m all for public breastfeeding – it’s just these woman are trying NOT to do this publicly so we gave them a window.”

I think at this point in it all, I was crying from laughing so hard at him.

Today, the maintenance guys were up finishing up the building of the lactation room. The two guys were looking over what they had left to do when we came upstairs after a meeting. I said hello as I walked by to go to my desk when I heard Leif ask loudly,

“So is there a reason for installing a door with a window on the lactation room? Are we hoping they will let us watch or what?”

The one guy chuckled then explained that they wanted it to be a room that could be used for other things between times it was needed for a lactation room.

“So we wanted to give the room an open feel, and the best way to do that is with a window.” The way he explained it, you could tell he thought it would put it to rest.

Leif wasn’t done yet – so he was like “that is nice because when I like to pump, I know I always want to do it in a room with an open feel.”

The other guy, a more gruff looking man, commented under his breath, “oh, I guess we have a comedian here today.”

Leif is not dissuaded from harping on this by this guy’s comment.

“I’m going to bring my wife’s breast pump. And I’m going to be standing there – in windowed door to show you how ridiculous that is.”

He later revealed that he had messaged his wife to see if she still had the breast pump. I guess she didn’t ask why but simply answered, “not anymore”. She didn’t even question his request – even after his response of “damn, I needed it for work”.

“she was probably thinking, ‘yep, I married that'” was my response.

“Yeah, my kids reminder her of that all of the time.”

Yes, this is my Friday and these are the people I work with.

At least I’m entertained.

What do you think?

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