A Rant and A Story


What parent names their kid "Reality Winner"?

I open up my news feed this morning to see what is happening in the world and see a photograph of a blonde woman next to a headline of "Who is Reality Winner?" And honestly, I thought "Why is a reality winner the ‘top story’ in the news today? Slow news day?"

Then I notice the headline is from Fox News – which REALLY makes me scratch my head.

Then I see something like, "she wants to resist Trump" which makes me wonder if it was just Fox News going after a reality winner because she was anti-Trump.

I finally picked a non-Fox news link to find out that no, this is about a woman whose name is Reality Winner who was arrested for leaking top secret documents to the press.

Reading this lead me to my very first question: "What parent names their kid ‘Reality Winner’??"

After reading the article – then going back to the Fox one because I was now curious what their take was – my next thought was: "OMG! MAKE YOUR DAMN FACEBOOK PRIVATE!!"

Screen shot after screen shot of her making comments about the Dakota access protests, shares about Bernie Sanders, and comments of frustration about the changes to environmental policy since Trump took office all lead to the conclusion by media that she must have done this to "resist Trump".

Damning evidence her attorney now will have to fight whether true or not.

Not sure she is winning reality right now. I think reality is winning.

In other news, my kids are weird.

Ok, that’s probably not news – so I guess I should explain.

My youngest being a middle schooler came home with a "new tattoo".

We were out last night at a VW thing that G dragged us to with promises of dinner for all – and beer for me. We are sitting there eating when I was like "What’s on your arm?"

She says it is her new tattoo than turns her arm so I can see it.

"I like balls?" I read it aloud.

Both girls start giggling. "You do? YOU like balls?"

More giggling occurs.

I realize I fell into a trap, so I try to recover. "you’re the one who has it on your arm that YOU like balls," I point out.

"Geez, Moe, I like playground balls – not that kind YOU’RE thinking of!"

What ensues is a discussion between my two girls where my love of balls is at the center.

"Well, she does like big balls – I mean, she did play softball."

"True, so she likes her balls big and soft."

"And let’s not forget she was a catcher for the big, softballs."


"She likes them hard and fast and big."

More giggles.

"And she played with balls in college too."

"That was clearly her experimental phase – because everyone knows you experiment in college."

Laughter that now has tears and has caused them to be unable to speak.

This back and forth went on and on and on between my kids …..discussing my love for balls.

Yep – my kids.
Lord help us all!

What do you think?

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