The Universe Is Weird


The end.

Ok, not really.

Monday I came home from work beyond fucking frustrated with things. I mean, a series of things had occurred that had me truly wondering why the fuck was I in the job I am in. Which sucks because I do like my job. But over the span of 4 days (including the weekend), things were piling up making me wonder why I was here. Was I just here to babysit people while the adults made the decisions? Or what?

Tuesday morning, I spoke with a user who I’ve been working with to find a solution to his problem – and he made a decision. Honestly, to get to this point has taken fucking forever, and I’ve been waiting for him to get frustrated with me. After the call with him, he sent an email to my boss telling me how much value I’m bringing to the organization, how great of a hire I am, how he feels like IT is a partner, etc etc. In short – he listed all of the things that say "this person is the person changing your IT department from an order-taker to a partner". This was not lost on my boss either, and he said that when he forwarded me the email.

Later in the day, I was working with a few different departments helping with issues related to a roll out of software to users. The final response I got back from one of the users was "this collaboration with IT is what is making this work so smoothly – thank you for making this happen because, well, it rocks!"

Yesterday, I was in a meeting where a comment was made about how we needed to take something out of email because issues were being lost. I agreed, so created for them a way to do it in the application I use to manage my people’s time. "This is perfect!!" was the email back. When I showed the boss what we were doing to manage bugs, he was like "I never thought about doing that – this is great. We should also give them access to do XYZ because that will give them even more power to do things." Then he was like "can we make this useful for other projects?" I already had, so showed him how it could be used repeatably.

Then he said, "you know – you are doing exactly what I was hoping would be done. You aren’t letting things float up to the executive level but instead facilitating the work and decisions at the right level – the level that can actually get shit done. This is the change I was hoping we would have!"


So yes, Universe, I appreciate the fact I voiced my frustrations – my feelings of not having value – not being allowed to contribute value – and you responded with a "ya wanna bet!"

The universe is weird.

And I am impatient.

Yes, I know that about myself too.


What do you think?

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