Seemed Like A Good Shot At The Time


I drove way the fuck out into the woods today for a thing for one of the girls.  It was a gorgeous drive – and of course, I took the camera.  I found a couple of things I wanted to shoot along the way……these are the two shots that had me going “OMG – this is going to be awesome”…….

……only be disappointed with the results.

This shot does not capture the view – miles upon miles gorgeous view.

The foreground of this shot are these gorgeous yellow flowers.  Why can’t you tell?  Sun was in a crappy place – and what I saw as a great show only worked from a particular elevation.  I was down too low.  Cropping only got me so far.  And tweaking the yellow – well, made it better (kind of) but I couldn’t fix the trees because, well – the light again.  Overall, I was disappointed with my ability to capture what I was seeing.

I took more photos of the stuff at camp.  The program Indigo does is all about cooking in the wild – harvesting from the land including the animals and cooking over an open fire or wood burning stoves/ovens.  Today, they invited the parents out for brunch.  Each kid made a dish to serve their parents.

They did a great job.

Then after, we got a mini-tour of the place and found an egg sack laid by the newts.  That was pretty cool.

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  1. hubman38 says:

    Have you ever played around with HDR? In the wrong hands you can end up with way over-processed, fake looking photos, but some subtle editing can increase the dynamic range and maybe overcome some of the limitations of the lighting you were dealing with today

    1. emmyrtws says:

      I actually have. I tried with both photos but they looked REALLY wrong. It was sad. I am still playing with them. Maybe I’ll figure out something.

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