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I have a project that we are spinning up to address the fact that the information in the company directory is not correct. I got a call from my solutions guy whose first comment to me? "Hey, did you know that your phone number is wrong in the company directory?"

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Message from G while he’s packing for his rugby trip:

Opening night party, we are supposed to wear white shirts, plaid ties, and black pants. Which tie would work best given I don’t have the right plaid tie? I threw in the ascot from Grandfather just because.

My response:

The bow tie is closet to the plaid. And take the ascot because I think it will pair well with your lumberjack plaid work shirt – call it "lumberjack formal".

This is why I should not be allowed to give fashion advice.

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Developer 1: All I can have today is clear foods starting in a few hours.

Developer 2: I brought my lunch and would happily let you eat it so you can have some real food before your "fun".

D1: I appreciate it – but it’s for the best I just accept my fate now.

D2: Come on – you need something more than broth in your body.

D1: Well, uhm, it doesn’t matter given it’s all just gonna come out soon…..let’s stop talking about this.
This conversation is about the fact the one guy is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and has to start prepping. Yep, good cubical conversation.

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Conversation with my employee today:

Me: "Yeah, I’m going to go watch the women’s soccer team play on Saturday."

Her: "When did soccer become a thing? There was no soccer in Iowa but now even they have it.

Me: "I’m not sure – but how many women can say they have heard of 6-on-6 basketball too?"

Her: "Oh lord – the days where girls could only play 6-on-6 basketball – 3 defenders, 3 forwards, and no going past the half court line or dribbling more than twice!"

Another Employee: "What are you guys talking about?!?!?"

Me: "It’s an Iowa thing – hard to explain."

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The scene this morning:
"I don’t want to get out of bed – I’m sleeping – it’s cold in the room – and it’s warm under the covers. I just want to stay here."

G: "You have to get up though. You have to go to work."

Me: "Sleep is good though."

G gets up and leaves. I hear the coffee grinder going, then the espresso machine. Then…

G: "Okay, little sleepy owl, will this help?"

Me: "Are you trying to lure me out of bed with coffee?"

G: "Maybe…."

Me: "Dammit – I guess I’ll get up."

In my defense, I’ve been sleeping like shit lately and last night was the first good sleep I have gotten in a few days. And the room was the perfect temperature – and I was comfortable – and….sigh….days like this I miss being unemployed!

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I got totally distracted by a kickstarter for a large format 8×10 camera.

Worse? I found they sell a 4×5 one that may make it worth the money to play with.

Camera is about $325. Film is about $40 for 25 sheets. Film holder $50. Lens holder is about $250. Lens is about ….holy shit – a LOT. Ok, well, no playing with this technology yet. Wowza!

That’s a nice idea….maybe in the future when I have the desire to burn that kind of money.

I just burned about 20 min researching, so that’s something.

What do you think?

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