Engaging With Stupid People on Facebook


I made a mistake yesterday by responding to an idiot who commented on my dad’s Facebook post. Recently the Washington Post or New York Times or the like did an article about how immigrants are keeping small towns in Iowa from shrinking and highlighted a town near my hometown.

The article talked about the changes, interviewed immigrants, interviewed locals, and really did not paint in a good light the companies that have deliberately done things to eliminate the unions and good jobs which led to the company bringing in immigrants to fill the low paying jobs. This is something I’ve tried to explain to people before, yet they don’t believe me. But here it was in black and white.

A "friend" of my dad’s commented about how they seem to skirt the issue if the people interviewed were "illegals or not". "I bet they are – and that cannot be tolerated!"

I pointed out 2 things. The first is that the food processing, if not done in the US, will be sent to China where I honestly do not trust them to hold to the same safety standards as we have in the US. So, keeping those food processing jobs here should be a priority for everyone given we are talking about the safety of our food supply. Then I pointed out the big thing: if these people in the article were undocumented why did they allow their names to be used, their places of business be used, their children be photographed, themselves to be photographed? I have talked to green card holders who will not allow those things to occur given they fear the harassment from immigration. They just did a huge piece featuring 3-5 different immigrant families – names and photos – and this guy thinks they interviewed "illegals"? Hell, they even stated the 2 main companies that employ most of the immigrants in this community.

He responded with some bullshit about things shouldn’t be trade offs – blah blah blah – points missed completely. So, because I am who I am, I responded with "yeah, I think you missed the points I was making – go re-read."

After I hit enter, I was like "Why did I even say anything??"

Steve King – the Iowa congressman who loves to say racist things?

Yeah, that would be his part of Iowa – the part I even grew up in. The part this guy lives in.

No point in engaging.

I guess I will blame the high I was on from my well earned victory yesterday afternoon at work. I have been arguing against an approach to timekeeping in our system for weeks…..and that is not hyperbole. I have outlined scenarios where this isn’t working. I have pointed out issues with their plans. I have openly said "no – that will not work" without reason and held my ground.

Yesterday, it came up again. I went through the same arguments. I pointed out that the approach, while interesting, doesn’t achieve the goals. I had him extract the data and showed him how you have to analyze it – why you have to do it that way. And in the middle of having him look at the data set and analyze it for the meaning he says he wants – the gigantic light bulb came on over his head.

"Now that I really see it all, I realize we can’t do it any way but your way."

He and the other guy have been fixated on time tracking while missing the fact that THE TOOL IS THERE FOR THE GUYS TO MANAGE THEIR WORK. I should point out that the tool, first and foremost, is for people to manage their work – time tracking is secondary. By making it the primary focus of the tool, you end up paying for a really expensive tool to manage a time sheet. This – THIS – was what my boss and the other guy lost sight of because, for them, they do not manage their time that way.

I didn’t know if I should celebrate my victory or shake my head that the boss finally got it.

Me being me, I did point out that we have spent more time as a management team talking about time tracking than our entire team will spend actually time tracking THIS YEAR.

Again, not hyperbole.

So maybe because I finally won my argument about this – not because I had to have my way, but because it was the right thing – maybe that is why I stepped into the Facebook "debate". I was already in that head space. Can I blame that for the reasons I violated my first rule of Facebook – do not engage with stupid people online?

I will admit that the guy has responded to my comment. And I am not even going to go look at it. No point. I’m not changing his mind. He isn’t changing mine. Best just to —-> go over there.

(This would be me this morning – yawn! wish I was still in bed – more coffee, I guess….)

What do you think?

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