10 Things on Tuesday


1. After over a year of my bluetooth not working in my car, I somehow got it working again. I’m a little too excited on having the ability to fully escape the Membership drives and the commercials and the shitty radio stations.

2. A guy in the office uses a mug that, when I read the small print, says it is from a forum supporting women in industry. I know he likely grabbed a clean mug, but it amuses me.

3. Earlier in a meeting, a guy commented to another guy that his training methods were "retarded". I have always hated that work – there is something about it that makes me cringe the way the word "moist" makes people cringe. One of the other people in the room was clearly offended by the use of the word, so commented, "well, we all have things we are a bit autistic about". I do think he thought he was taking the higher ground by not using that other word. That moment, when you are in a room with many people who really miss the point…..on everything.

4. Yesterday we were talking about fisting at work. This was after my boss was going on all about all of these adult dating sites and apps. One of the guys was like "oh, they are dating apps". I had to correct them by saying, "no, those are hook-up apps". And then that led to the fisting conversations. I hid my reaction when he said his wife didn’t know what that was, so he said, "this is going to be a little difficult….but here we go…."

5. I was supposed to go downtown last night. G sent me a text saying "they just declared the march as a riot – avoid the city". I called the person I was to meet there to let her know. "What do you mean there is a riot? Why would there be a riot?" I tried to explain the May Day marches and how they can get violent and turn into a riot. "Why May Day? I don’t understand." I tried to give her a mini-history lesson while getting her to understand that it isn’t a good idea to meet down there. She kept questioning me about why there would be a riot. I finally told her if she wanted to try to get down there – she could and I’ll do the same if it is a problem to not meet. "Oh, traffic will probably be screwed up, huh?" *head desk* Yeah, she finally agreed it was a bad idea…..but because traffic would be bad.

6. Local headline: "Portland’s Vegan Strip Club Feuding With Steakhouse Strip Club, Vice Reports" – what amuses me more is that I drive by these two clubs to and from work. They are next door neighbors. I think they are at war over the wrong meat…….

7. Looks like they are actually making a Deadwood movie! I found that series way more amusing than I expected. Can’t wait until they get the group back together to finish the story.

8. I have a seltzer water problem. Or so my desk would indicate by the four empty bottles and one full one on my desk. I’ve been really craving a diet coke lately – and while I would let myself have one – I know how easily one could become one-a-day – so seltzer water it is. At least I’m hydrated.

9. I almost bought myself an iMac yesterday. I’ve been thinking about having one that is in my office for all of my photos. The sale is still going, so I may still change my mind…..but maybe not.

10. I got messages from DJ while she was giving blood for the first time today. Apparently, she’s a fast bleeder because she was done quick. She commented that she was surprised it didn’t bother her. This kid – at 18 months – had to get blood drawn for some standard blood work. The lab guys were having a crappy day. All of the kids in front of her, no matter the age, were crying and screaming and pretty much having to be restrained. They see this one year old in queue, and you can see they were bracing for the worst. She thought it was the coolest thing. She held still. No tears. Asked questions. It was hilarious. The lab people were so thrilled at the fact that she was their easiest one of the day that instead of one sticker from the roll of stickers, they gave her about four feet of stickers. I still remember her laughing as she ran down the hall with the stickers streaming behind her. Yeah, I’m not surprised.


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