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Yesterday was another fine study of inappropriateness in the workplace. It all started when we were talking to the web guy from marketing. We were letting him know of the plans to do a web store and were asking if he knew anything about it. I mean, he IS the web guy.

(While his answer is not important in this story, it was ‘no’.)

We were talking about the different applications we were exploring when the lead software architect commented, "And I really liked this company when I looked them up on "Glass Ceiling" and everyone – customers and employees – had good things to say about them."

Glassdoor is the website he meant to say.

The lead architect being a 6"3′ guy – weighing about 250 – and built like a defensive lineman – well, we had to tease him about the fact he referenced a term women use. "Look, it’s hard to be a feminine white, large male in the work place – I dream of shattering that glass ceiling one day! You have no idea how difficult my plight is," he said in a very sad voice before he started laughing at himself. Yeah – feminine is totally how I’d describe this guy – right down to his big ass, souped-up pickup truck.

When we shifted back onto the conversation about the web store, we were talking about all of the things the company would need to change in order to support this. "Why are you doing this alone?" asked the web guy.

"Because everyone wants to get in bed with me, but no one wants to do all of the work – so I have to. It’s the story of my life!"

Web guy’s response: "You are a sick, sick fuck," as he left our area laughing.

Probably best HR is in another building.

I am so ready for this art show to just fucking get done.

For about six weeks, both the outgoing artist and incoming artist has known their timeline for things. I send it to them in email, remind them, and say "let me know ASAP if this doesn’t work."

Last week, the incoming artist wanted to know when his dates for things were. And after telling me he was taking care of everything, he is now sending me shit to take care of. Ok, if that was the case, he’s about 2 weeks past the deadline to have me do it. So me being me keeps responding with "let me check the email I sent you to make sure I’m not giving you a different timeline for things." Subtle?

Then I’m getting things like, "I want to get in and see the show before it opens – when can you do that for me?"

I can’t – I work for a living and am not at your beckon call.

"What is the event after the opening? Of course me and my girlfriend get in free, right?"

Let me bring up the club’s calendar – oh look, it says right there. And yes, you will get in free and your girlfriend.

"What is the door fee that night?"

Looking at the club’s site again, it says it is X, Y, and Z depending on single or couple.

"So I can drop my art off earlier, right? Because later doesn’t work for me."

Sure, let me now cancel my plans for the night before since I now I have to get up early to accommodate you.

"You know, I’m kind of pissed off at the outgoing artist – I got her the show and has she thanked me once? No. I think that’s kind of shitty given all I did for her."

A, You didn’t even show up to her show. B. All you did was give her my name – she did the rest. And C. Yes it is shitty to do a shit load of work for an artist and never get a thank you. You’re right. Got anything to say to me? Yeah? Didn’t think so.

The outgoing artist emailed me a couple days ago to see if she "had to pick up her art on Sunday? Isn’t there another time?"

No. Again. I have a day job, so I’d prefer not to go from one working situation to another. Also, you have had this date and time for SIX WEEKS. At this point, you made plans in conflict with it and instead of going "oh shit – I need to reschedule" with the other situation – you want me to reschedule. Nope. Sorry.

In 8 days, it will be done. This is my mantra at this point.


I’ve been on the verge of getting sick for almost a week now. I haven’t been able to tell if it was allergies or something more. DJ has been in the same boat with the same symptoms, so I know it isn’t just me. I’m really rather fed up with this feeling. I’ve run only once since it has started. I contemplated going for a run yesterday, but feeling iffy then running in a downpour of rain seemed like a bad way of getting over whatever I’ve got. Plus, since it is in my inner ears, I’m hit with these feelings sometimes like my equilibrium is off.

Since the rugby guys were coming over for a board meeting last night, I decided to just go home, get ready for the meeting, and eat. I have to hide in the house when this is happening because my urge to hit one of the board members in the head is too great. His voice – his approach to shit – his desire to hold everyone accountable while he, himself, does nothing he commits to doing. Yeah – all a recipe for me wanting to hit him in the head. I do believe it is for the greater good. What can I say? I’m a helper.

So, in my effort to hide, I decided "fuck this – I’m tired" so I went to lay in bed with my headphones on watching something. And fell asleep. Guess my body needed it.

Now if only whatever I am fighting would go the fuck away.

I am also dealing with too many stupid people that like to call me friend.

Yesterday, one of them ping me with "*cough cough* – hi!"

I almost typed, "Oh, someone wearing too much perfume at your work today?"

I know she’s sick. She’s been whining to all social media about it for the past few days. No one has responded – at all – so it wasn’t surprising that she opened with that.

She went on to tell me all about how sick she’s been – in bed since last Thursday. Airplane and germs are bad.

I commented it doesn’t help as there is something going around – lots of people I know are getting sick – even DJ and I are fighting something.

The minute I made this not about her, she seriously responds with, "Off topic…." then turned it back to her and something stupid. Let’s just say her being sick had an upside which includes binge watching a series.

*shakes head*

G sent me a comic strip of The Awkward Yeti yesterday – I forgot how entertaining heart & brain are. Plus, it seems to be good breaks in my ramblings.

To end on a good note – my car is running awesome again. That is really a bad way of stating it given my car’s engine has been fine. Let’s just say the "check engine" issue was related to the fact we cannot pump our own gas in this state. Yeah. But while it was there, it got all of its services and new tires with an alignment. Guess I am not the only one whose tires took a huge hit with the winter we had which involved horrible ice pot holes which lead to horrible pot holes. I knew the alignment was off – but I guess the tires were not helping. Sunday when I went on my photo safari, it felt great driving 80 mph without any pulling or the like.

Happy Wednesday. (and yes – this is me in a bookstore!)

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