Here I sit, waiting to hear about my car.  It’s either going to be $800 or $1500.  Here’s hoping it’s the low number, not the high one.

Meanwhile, I have a cat on one side of me, a dog in front of me, and the other dog zonked out on my bed…..where I wish I was because I’m fucking tired.  Yesterday, I was halfway into my day when something hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was feverish, I was dizzy, I was nauseous.  It was weird.  I walked away from the computer (I had been glued to the screen since 7:15) – tried to get some air – but each time I came back to it – everything would start up again.  It was clear something with my eyes and all was going on.  Started wondering if I was on the verge of an ocular migraine.  I had an important meeting that afternoon – I kept telling myself I was going to power through it.  Then my body told me to fuck off – so I left.

And slept for two and a half hours when I got home.

I only woke up when my boss called me with a question.

To say I’ve felt bad about leaving is an understatement.  I feel like I left him handling a volatile situation which, in honesty, was really his to handle anyway.  Just left him to deal with it alone.  And hope that all I gave him was enough.  I wanted to fill him in more on the details before I left but honestly, I was not in a state to do that.  I tried. And failed.

This week has been crisis after crisis.  I decided to go to the munch on Wednesday – but my head was still spinning so much from the day that I guess it showed on my face.  I finally excused myself, grabbed my beer, and did a huge brain dump into a notebook I had with me.  I needed to just get all that was bouncing around in my head out of my head.  It helped, but I really should have just gone home and done the work.

I guess today the crisis has continued at work.  Not a shock since the law of what happens when shit hits the fan was definitely in effect.

But I’m home today- dealing with my car – instead of dealing with that.

Because while I’m thankful that we have extra cars, they do not match up to my car.  I have a rather long drive to and from work and discovered it’s made even longer by driving a crappy car.  Yeah, I’m spoiled – and that’s okay.   Honestly, though, it needed to get handled.  I have had to put it off all week – there was never going to be a “right time” – so I had to make it the right time.

I’d feel bad about not having much to do at home – but, well, I’ve worked several 12 hour days this week so it’s not like they haven’t gotten their time out of me.

Other things I’ve been doing this morning —

Looking at these cool old photos of Samurai.

Marveling at this video:

Other photos of this amazing view are here.

And laughing at these comics – they are dark and were “made to ruin your childhood”.

And I’ve been trying to stay away from my Facebook account because it keeps reminding me of what I was doing a year ago. Not ready for that reminder today.

And I signed up to sell photos at an upcoming school thing.  Thankfully I have time to prepare for it – and take some new non-rugby photos.  I am looking forward to that.

Ok – the sun is calling me – even if the service center is not.  Time for some air and a quick walk.

Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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