Too Late

” I feel like I need to apologize. I wish I could apologize.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because he was incredibly important to you.  I realize now that I did not let you know that I got it – but I really did not let him know that I knew this.  He cared – he loved you – he supported you – and I did not treat that as important.  But it was.  It was incredibly important.  And I hate the fact I did not make you both understand that I got that.  That I did not let him know how much I appreciated the fact he loved you as much as I do.”

Hearing those words had a mixed response.  I both loved he got it – but also hated he got it so late.

I honestly sat at that bar – where were having drinks and dinner – and failed at keeping the tears inside.

Our friend who bartends there ended up giving me some food and another beer and told me she hoped both helped.

I don’t know.

Too little – too late.


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