Sunday Is An Art Day

I spent 5 hours hanging art today ……or dealing with it rather.

The artist for the upcoming show wanted to start early today.  Early is before 4 pm.  He was going to be there at noon which, for me meant I needed to be there at 11 am.

Yay. (please read that with the appropriate amount of sarcasm.)

I finally got up and decided to go take some photos beforehand.  I needed some time with the camera.  That did not go as expected. Sigh.

I got to the club, took down all of the art, got things sorted for the outgoing artist – and BOOM!

The entire cleaning crew came into the place.


They were extremely apologetic that they were there when I was hanging art.  I pointed out that I am the one there early – they were on time. So I did my best to get out of their way…..then the artist showed up.

35 art pieces.

And he forgot one.

Which made me happy.

As he ran off to get his missing piece, I put up 10 pieces of his art.  He came back and freaked out at how much I had gotten done.  The 10 pieces were up, leveled, and equally spaced.  I pointed out that I’ve done this a time or 20.

While he cut out the cards to be put with each piece, I put up the rest of the show.

“OMG, you’re going to be done before me!!”

I pointed out that I was also putting up the whole show alone.

He left, I finished things, then I had an hour before he came back for an “interview” to promote the show.  He has a friend who wanted to interview him and help with promotions.  The guy needed to see the show as a preview.  So I got to wait, then sit there and wait, while that was being done.

I got home at 4:00 pm.

And was starving.

Thankfully G felt bad for his many nights away in a row, so promised dinner out.  Because on top of all of this fun, I have a head cold.  Fuck.  Here’s hoping it goes away quickly!


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