Not a bad weekend

This weekend is our kink communities big annual event of classes and all.  I wasn’t feeling it – so I skipped it.  I actually went back and forth with myself a few days before it started thinking maybe I should just go.  Maybe I should just check it out.

Then I looked at the stuff happening this weekend – and decided not to do it.

The home opener for the Portland Thorns Professional Women’s Soccer club was Saturday.  I have been so excited for the season to start, so I did not want to miss it.  They were the “Shield” winners last year meaning they ended regular season play #1 amongst all the teams.  Then they got knocked out of their quest to be league champions.

This year, as they have all said – the 5th anniversary of the league – they have unfinished business.  They are out to win it all – both the Shield and the Championship.  They have the skills.  They have the players.  I want to see them do it too.  I love this team.  I love being able to go and see world-class athletes from around the world playing on my team.  I mean, we have 4 US Women’s Soccer team players on our team, 1 Canadian Women’s Soccer team player, 1 Danish Women’s Soccer team player, 1 French Women’s Soccer team player, and 1 Icelandic Soccer team player on the team.  And of the remaining players? Several have been called up to their national teams in the past even if they are not on the regular roster.

They won the game on Saturday.  I loved watching these guys play together.  They were relaxed.  They were controlled.  In years past, they have needed about 15 minutes to settle into play.  This game, they came out ready to go.  Two calls prevented the game from being a 4-0 game.  But honestly, it could have been.  It was great.   I was happy to be there.

Saturday night, it was the Rugby Fundraiser for their trip to Colorado in May.  A local gay bar asked if they could host a fundraiser for the club.  They did strip jeopardy where the rugby guys were stripping.  G helped write the questions.  It was funny because you could tell when the questions were his. “Sports gayer than rugby” and “Straight actors” were two of his categories.

I have honestly never laughed my ass off as much as I did Saturday night.  The energy was amazing.  The way these guys love each other – not as lovers but as brothers  – is the way it should be.  I even heard from one of the guys visiting from Seattle that he has saved several of my photos because they are some of the best he has seen. That was kind of awesome.  They made a shitload of money.  People bought merchandise.  People tossed money in the hat as it was passed.  It was crazy good.  And I got my ass grabbed by a guy G has played rugby with for many years – who is gay – but apparently loves to pick me up and takes the opportunity to grab my ass.  He’s a good guy.

Today I felt hung over.  G commented that I’m likely energy hung over.  While I drank last night, it was not nearly enough to leave me like that.  While G is not an energy person usually, he could tell that it had me flying high.  I love the guys.  And most when they see me give me hugs and buy me drinks and hang on me.  I’ve been “one of the guys” before, but this is the first time being one of the guys has been a nice feeling.  Not sexual or anything – just full of love.

Though, fuck, did it screw up Easter brunch with the in-laws.  Wowza.  I needed about 2 more hours of sleep and to not be thrust into a social situation.  Especially those kinds of social situations.  So we went to the family obligation, then came home for naps.

We did forgo our Zombie Jesus celebration for naps, taxes, and other things

But overall, it was a good weekend.

I made the right choice.

Though I do miss kink stuff.  Just miss more of the connections.

What do you think?

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