Mommy’s Little Monster

After not sleeping most of the night because of a sick stomach,  I opted to stay home (which was a good choice given how the morning went for me).  I’ll spare details.

I curled up and went back to sleep after sending out a message about my absence.  Except, my little monster decided she wanted to sleep on my side of the bed.  After shoving her over, I finally got some sleep.

I got up, did some work, then went to lay down again.  Except, she didn’t want me to sleep.  She wanted to go outside, but not just go outside for a while. No, she and her friend “the old guy” want to go in and out and in and out and in and out.  And because of the cat, I can’t just leave the little door open like I normally would.  So, I tossed them outside, only to have them barking at the back door a couple minutes later.  I let them inside only to have them whine and bark to go back outside.

I finally said “fuck this shit” and tossed her into her kennel and shut the door so I could nap.

She whined.  She tossed her bone around to make a lot of noise.

And she got her buddy in the act too.  He came in and knocked this around and that around.  Whatever helped add to the noise.

I scolded them both.  Neither cared.  I finally gave up on a nap and tossed them back outside.

The fuckers.

Even after I gave up, she kept up her annoying act.  Whining.  Pestering.  Barking because I’m telling her to get off the couch.  And running her big ass head into the picture window because….


She is being a terror today – on a day when I need her not to be a terror.  I cannot wait until everyone gets home because they can fucking deal with her.

And tonight? Yeah, she may be sleeping in the bathroom – without her bones to chew.

What do you think?

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